Botanical Garden

The Garca Branca Ayurvedic Botanical Garden is located in Loutolim, Goa, India.

The Garca Branca is the ancestral home of the C.J. Mascarenhas family with genealogical history that has been traced back to the mid-1800s to Cupertino Joel Mascarenhas and his wife Divina Sobrinho.

Cupertino was an avid naturalist and helped manage the local waterfowl population and wetlands. And it was his passion for birds that earned him his nickname, “Bokem”, which means white heron in the local dialect of Konkani.

Wishing to keep the spirit of Bokem Mascarenhas alive in the recently renovated home, his resident descendant, Carlos Jose Mascarenhas has named the home “The Garca Branca”, the Portuguese translation of white heron.