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It all started in the Year 1971 when Mr. Tito Henry De Souza, developed a vision of emerging into a high potential tourism industry. He started his efforts in this direction by setting up a place to cater to the needs of domestic and international tourists visiting Goa, offering a trendy chilled-out place along the coast of Baga - Calangute in Goa in India. Dinner was often served amidst roaring sound of the waves of the Arabian Sea and the light effects of traditional Balao Tito's has grown to today's magnitude and still incorporates the same traditions and the values set forth by this visionary. It was the time of the hippies and the flower power generation. The hippies and other young people from Western Europe and the Americas were searching for Nirvana or Spiritual Salvation and Goa seemed to put them on the right track. The Goans also accepted these peaceful and gentle people whole heartedly. Life in Goa was simple then. No motorbikes, cars and restaurants. It was here and in this environment that Tito Henry de Souza who had traveled extensively decided to settle down and also provide a place for all the expats to meet up.

Club Cubana
After hearing about the Club Cubana on VT, being approached by flyer-clutching youngsters on the beach, and being asked by every second taxi-driver "Party tonight, girls?" we semi-reluctantly decided to reserve our Wednesday evening for the Ladies Night at Club Cubana, the "Night Club in the Sky"... ...and seriously: we weren't disappointed!

After bumping along the Goa-typical country roads for 15 minutes, with Trance music thumping throughout our little mini van and a hyperactive taxi driver, we arrived at the foot of Arpora Hill where a signboard with big golden lips declared a right turn. Up the dirt road we headed (I honestly thought the mini bus wasn't going to make it without stalling!); and we were amused about the flashing cat-eyes embedded in the dirt track, showing us the way.

LPK Waterfront is the most unique location in the world. We offer incredible water views, breathtaking beauty, grand opulence and romantic charm. Envision your special event over the banks of the Nerul River with the historical Candolim 400 year old Indo Portuguese Church as the backdrop while dancing the night away in our specially sculpted indoor dance floor. Wedding is all about pure indulgence and romance. There is no better place to complete this experience by celebrating and welcoming your guest to the most unique wedding location this world has ever produced.
See it to believe it!!!

Shake it at the most popular Club in town, or take the party outdoors on our Upper Deck. Get some sun or jump in the blue waters at the Poolside Lounge & Diner, or relish the truly international cuisine at the Tavern bistro. At our upcoming hotel with Party Suites, you can choose to wind down for the day, or simply step it up another notch and continue the party in the privacy of your own room.

With a state-of-the-art sound system & air conditioning, and exclusive VIP areas with dedicated servers & security, our Club is pretty much in a league of its own. Our resident DJs Rinton & Mr E dial up the energy on the dancefloor every night, and with a number of guest DJs & international acts appearing on the line-up regularly, the Club has hosted some of the hottest parties in Goa since we opened our doors.

Pulse Disc
we have a special tie up with Pulse Disc for private parties and groups.